Player Systems

PianoDisc® iQ HD Flash / iPod Touch

This entry level Flash unit is a modern flexible MP3 player designed to work with the iQ system.  The flash makes full use of the 1024 levels of dynamic expression playback for each note and is complete with a choice of USB / SD and MMC ports. The iQ flash unit has an integrated mix control to get just the right combination of piano and accompaniment. Complete with an IR card remote and USB drive with preloaded albums.  View this system on our video gallery. The iQ Flash an be upgraded to the iPad Airport at anytime.  Includes 5 year warranty.

As an alternative there is also the iPod Touch, with similar features and operation to the iPad.  Make use of all the usual iPod features such as creating playlists, shuffle and repeat mode.  Add the Airport express and you can have full wireless control.  Includes preloaded number of albums

Please call for advice on the best system for your needs, you may have your own device such as a laptop or spare iPod to use initially then upgrade at a later date. 

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