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QuietTime® Magic Star 5
Having problems practising without disturbing neighbours or family? If so then a QuietTime silent system from PianoDisc can be the solution. It's big advantage of being retrofittable to virtually any new or older piano even years after purchase means you are free to choose the piano of your choice when buying new, or have your existing piano converted without the expense of buying a new instrument.

The Magic Star 5 is our most popular silent system, available for upright or grand. This small, unobtrusive, high quality, touch screen unit slides away when not in use. Just slide a hidden lever to mute the piano and your piano is now a digital keyboard with piano and 127 other sounds, two track onboard recording, or connect via midi to record direct to PC/Mac. Store your recordings to USB flash drive via the USB port.

Popular with professional musicians who use the piano as a midi controller with the appropriate software to compose and orchestrate.  With expert fitting with most instruments there is minimal effect, if any, on the feel of the keys. We can often direct you to a dealer with a demo piano to try before you buy.

The Magic Star 5 can normally be fitted onsite (subject to location) in your home, in the case of an upright, in about a day. Generous discounts are given for installs in our own workshop if you are out of our area, to offset transport costs. 

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It would be helpful to have a few details about your piano, your planned usage and your location. We can then provide you with a accurate no obligation quotation.

5 Year Parts Warranty

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