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QuietTime® GT-2 Mini

Base model silent system available for uprights only, retrofittable to virtually any new or older piano. Touch screen control and LED display, onboard recording for 40.000 notes, midi in/out/thru, piano and 127 other sounds. Practice at anytime without disturbing neighbours or family. Normally fitted onsite in a day (see Magic Star for more fitting details)

How does it work? Sensors under the keys detect key movement, turn it into midi data and a movable rail stops the hammers just short of the strings. Listen to the digital output via headphones.

*  Record and playback  -  Headphones included
* 6 Preset-tones: 2x piano, 1x strings, 2x piano and strings, metronome only
* 1 Userset-Tone, using your favourite settings
* Userselectable Startup-Tone, 128 Polyphony
* 9 new system settings to adjust the system to your needs
* Recording and playback function for one track with 40.000 MIDI-Events (notes)
* Metronome with selectable tempos, bar, rhythm and selectable volume levels
* Reverb, chorus, dynamic curves, pitch and transposition effects
* Dimensions: Control front = 12,1 x 1,8 x 3,5cm (B x H x T)
* 2 headphone connections (3.5-mm jack)
* New: 10 Demo-songs, Audio IN/OUT
* USB MIDI port, for easy connection to your PC/Mac}
* Record and playback
* 5 Year parts Warranty

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