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PianoDisc® iQ iPad Air

This intelligent invisible player system is our most popular high end model. The iPad Air includes your choice of Apple iPad or iPad Mini preloaded with 60 albums, nearly 500 tracks of music and piano video of all genres to suit all tastes. With over $1000 of music included the iQ iPad Air offers great value.

This system gives full wireless control of all player functions, without a bulky control box which allows the clean lines of the piano to be preserved with most parts hidden from view. It is extremely practicable for hotels and venues in particular, where the piano can be operated from behind a bar or reception desk. 

Create playlists for your dinner party or event, just select the tracks of your choice to the desired length and your invisible pianist will play without tiring! The iQ iPad Air is so easy to use with just a tap or swipe on the screen, there is also an option to record direct to the iPad with near instant playback.  

The iQ iPad Air system normally includes powered speakers, for the full orchestral or vocal accompaniment. Subject to your location an after sales visit is included shortly after delivery to set up and give an overview of operation onsite. For white pianos the iPad or iPad Mini can be ordered in white.

Price will depend on the type, make and model of piano, system options chosen and your location. Pianos can only be installed in our fully equipped and insured Ruislip workshop. Transport is not included in the fitting fee; however we enjoy trade rates with several of the specialist piano movers so prices are very competitive.  All systems include a 5 year warranty. 

Please call for a no obligation quotation.  

You can see various photos and videos of iQ iPad installed pianos in our photo /video galleries.

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