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Kawai RX3 Grand iQ iPad Air - The Landmark Hotel, London
Landmark HotelThis fantastic RX3 grand installed with our popular iQ iPad Air self play system was supplied by leading London dealer Jacque Samuel Pianos for the elegant Landmark Hotel in London’s west end. Entertaining hotel quests in the Gazebo area with playlists for breakfast, lunch and dinner, self play pianos are perfect for hotels, restaurants and other public areas. With a near invisible fit and wirelessly controlled from the iPad behind a bar or reception desk the piano appears to have a life of its own! The Kawai Millennium action ensures very smooth play so is perfect for a player piano and in this hotel environment creates just the right ambiance.

Cavendish 124 Upright iQ iPad Air - Broadway Theatre, New York. USA

Supplied by Britain’s last remaining piano factory this wonderful hand built Cavendish Chatsworth Upright in solid Walnut has been especially produced for the New York Broadway production of Phantom of the Opera. The piano will be painted to look aged and suitably spooky plus pyrotechnic effect devices will also be fitted.

Installed with our iQ iPad Air the piano will be controlled wirelessly from the wings and will appear to come to life as part of the performance. If you are thinking of converting an upright piano only the larger pianos of 120cm and above are normally suitable due to the space required for the mechanical parts, however it’s always worth checking we can occasionally fit to smaller instruments 

Mendelssohn Acrylic 168 Grand iQ iPad Air – ExCel Exhibition Centre, London

Acrylic grand pianos are a popular choice for a self play conversions with a wow factor however the nature of the clear case presents quite a challenge to hide the mechanism and associated wiring, We always spend time to colour match parts and hide away wiring to achieve the factory fit look. Once again the wireless feature means no ugly control box spoiling the lines of the piano and the piano is controlled from behind the shop counter. This enterprising owner has positioned the piano on the mezzanine floor of Andronicas World of coffee to promote his outlet at the busy Excel centre in London and it’s already creating considerable interest. As in this case self play systems installed in an unusual instrument can really stop people in their tracks, making it a great promotional tool.

Bentley 148 Grand iQ iPad Air – Private Client

The Bentley and similar Challen 148 Grand’s in black or white gloss are a very popular affordable choice for clients looking for a new piano to convert to self play.  

This client decided on the white gloss Bentley 148 with matching stool, equipped with the iQ iPad Air mini self play system, he also upgraded his music package to include more albums of his choice. The white finish perfectly fitted the room décor and the piano was the centrepiece of a party a few weeks later. 

We can source these popular instruments for you at very competitive rates working directly with local dealers. Where practicable we will often include an after sales visit to check and test the system set up and give an overview of operation. Where this is not possible due to location we use specialist carriers who will do this for you. 

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