Silent/Midi Systems

Playing the piano - just for you alone

PianoDisc QuietTime silent products can be the answer to your practicing problems, with its easy operation and functionality you can play anytime without disturbing others. Just slide a lever to activate the silent rail to mute the piano and listen on the supplied headphones. 

Perhaps you want to use your silent piano as a midi controller; all products in the range are equipped with midi function and are supplied with a midi cable to connect to your PC/Mac. With suitable software (not supplied) you can compose, orchestrate, store and even print your music out. You can also use the onboard recording option with instant playback. 

The big advantage of the QuietTime System is that it can be installed in virtually all instruments, even years after the original purchase. If you want to purchase a new piano without muting, the QuietTime system leaves you absolutely free to choose specific brands, designs or colours. With expert fitting from J&L you should notice very little difference in feel when in silent mode. Unlike some cheaper competitors with just a 2 year warranty Pianodisc QuietTime products include superior design and quality of electronics so include a 5 Year parts warranty on all units in the range.  

If you are within our working area we can normally install an upright piano in your home in a day. Grand’s take a little longer; please call for full details and a quotation.

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